Hi from Northampton, newbie flyer here

Hi all, newbie flyer here. Always fancied a drone but could never quite justify it. Recently heard about the Mini 2, and thought the price was ok & after reading decent reviews on it decided to take the plunge.

I’m so nervous about crashing it and more so losing it, so spending ages reading up on flying and all the latest rules & regs. Stumbled across @ianinlondon YouTube vids and found them so helpful.

Took it up today for a really quick trial flight just to get the hang of the controls etc, and looking forward to spending more time getting used to it & finding interesting places locally to fly some more.


Welcome Paul - I’m sure you’ll enjoy both GADC and the MM2.

Have a look at https://dronescene.co.uk/ which is a GADC resource which should help you with finding interesting places to fly - and some legal ones too :rofl:


Hi Paul and welcome to GADC.

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Welcome Paul to GADC :slight_smile:

Just start slowly and you will be fine :slight_smile:


Hi Paul @Saintsman Welcome to the Grey Arrows; endless help on here for you but with the Mini 2, it can all be summed up by fly up above people and obstacles and just take it nice and easy…