Hi from Northampton

Just a quick hello to you all. If anybody fancies meeting up for a fly your drone session in Northampton please let me know.

Where and when, I am Northampton side of Kettering, just of the A43.

Hiya Stormin, I just got back. Shall we set something for next Sunday?

Bummer, I think I am night shift over the weekend. ;-(

Ok Shaun, weather permitting do you have a location in mind?



Not really I have been hunting around my old bike trails, I went to the fields at the top of Brackmills ind estate this morning in Northampton.
There is a decent place just past Cogenhoe at the bottom of Whiston village. It does get a tad muddy but should be ok.


Have you been to Harringworth viaduct on the far side of Corby, I have been there a few times, but if you have not been it’s a good point of interest and beats flying over open areas.

Hiya Stormin, I have not been there before. It is a little further than I planned on travelling atm, maybe when summer / spring is in the air.

Ok give me a shout next time you intend to fly.

Ok Stormin … will do