Hi from Northants

Hi all, Just joined found the site via youtube (don’t remember who know but they referenced the site)

Mavic 2 pro owner since Jan 2019 and recently purchased the Mini 2 (Hoping that’s delivered today!!)

I originally purchased the Pro 2 for photography but quickly found myself doing more and more video! which resulted in the addition of the Osmo Pocket and then the Osmo Action… (I know i know other brands are available lol)

Anyhow just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.




Welcome to GADC Andrew,

Enjoy the Mini 2 once it arrives.

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Hi Andrew and welcome to GADC.

So its arrived! omg although i know 249g’s is light its not until you pick it up for the first time! feels so delicate because it weighs so little!

Annoyingly no charge in the batteries. another waiting game… oh and the weather! its pouring down! although snow forecast overnight so might be up earlier in the morning for its maiden flight! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the club mate. Cracking combo you have there. I’ve recently just got the mini 2 to compliment my 2pro and it does so very nicely.

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Thanks all, yup I can see it adding real value given the size and restrictions (Im assuming its quieter also?) so looking forward to giving it ago! (Battery 1 must be 90% now! :slight_smile: :): ) )

I thought the same when mine arrived the other day. Apparently DJI ship them in “sleep mode” as one of mine after putting it in the charge dock for the 3 battery’s had 85% in. Be nicer if they put a label on them saying that.

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