Hi from Paisley

Hi folks. Started last week with Global drone. Cheap entry to drone flying and I love it. :slight_smile: Been out every day using up all my battery’s 10 minutes worth. lol. Looking for next drone and probably going for Mavic mini flymore pkg. So hi from Paisley. :slight_smile:


Where was you when I was in Paisley? I was always looking for someone to share the hobby with. Anyway welcome to the forum. You wont be disappointed the guys are a cracking bunch.
Regarding the machine. I’m currently using the Mavic Air 2 however if I was to choose again I would definitely go for the Mini 2 with the fly more combo. Its a real cracker and ticks all the right boxes. Trying convince myself I need both :thinking:
Pete.mcarthur is not far from you. Check him out on the forum.

Lovely place Paisley, I used to live in very close to it.
Great area, lovely costliness I’m sure you’ll love it flying around there.

Welcome to the club.

Hi John and welcome to GADC :+1:

Cheers folks. Been wanting a wee drone for ages, just to try, see if I liked it. Turns out I do. :slight_smile: Thanks for the welcome. :slight_smile:

Rockeyes…whay the Mavic mini 2 and not Mavic mini? Much in it?

I’m a total newbie this week. Got the Mini 2 Flymore combi and it’s a cracking drone. Had a little test flight tonight (it arrived today) and I am totally hooked. The extra batteries and spares are going to be a must. Recommend it any day (it would have been better if DJI had some stock in the UK on release day though and I hadn’t had to wait till it was shipped from China, but I got it now).

Welcome to the group.

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Me personally I would say the number 1 would be the OcuSync on the Mini 2, then the better wind capability and finally the resolution. Both are cracking UAv’s but knowing your location and access to some wild and distant places I would go for the Mini 2.
Don’t get caught up in the range specifications and think you will never fly that far. Its the reliably in the communication between the controller and the drone that’s important and that’s what you get with OcuSync as opposed to a normal WiFi connection on the Mavic Mini 1.
If you haven’t seen it, Ian has posted a great video thats worth checking out. Also there is a useful tool on the DJI website for comparisons.

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This has been the one DJI model that has been widely available on release day, check out the main Mini 2 thread, nearly every Argos and PCW had, and still has stock.

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Hi John.

much like you, I’m new to this hobby. Much like you also too as well, I’m from the West Coast of Scotland! I’m doon near Ayr.

I got my first droid (I call it a droid because it really is more like a droid from Star Wars than just a drone) on Monday there. I got me the Mini 2 with the more package. I love it so much already!

I fancy going out to do a wee fly round of Loudoun Hill soon, so if you fancy a meet up with the Covid precautions in place, you could get a first-hand look at the Mini 2 and see if you fancy it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies and advice folks. Pretty much sold on the MM2. Ooh, look at me…just into drones and getting the lingo already. :slight_smile: lol. Cheers Windswept for the offer. Probably contact you soon, see if you’re out with the quado-copter-dronie-machino-bob. There I go again with the lingo. :). Cheers folks.

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