Hi from Plymouth!

Hi everyone !

Thank you to PingSpike for inviting me here. I am just about to order my first drone. After careful consideration and hours & hours of YouTube vids, I am getting a MP. I love the portability of it and I can just about afford it haha. I literally can’t wait to get started and bug you all with endless questions. I’ve never flown a real drone before, only the toy ones. This will be awesome !

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Hi @greenarmy1978, welcome to GADC. Very good to have you with is. You’re embarking on an extremely exciting adventure and have chosen a great drone to help you get started. We’re here to help you every step of the way - so ask as many questions as you like! :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Londroner, I literally can’t wait to get started and take my first flight ! I can tell already that I will be very active on here :+1:t2::raised_hands:t2:

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Welcome to Grey Arrows @greenarmy1978 :smiley:

You won’t regret a Mavic Pro, stunning piece of kit!

There are some good deals on the flymore combos at the moment too :+1:

And, when you feel like venturing a bit further out, check out our interactive map of places to fly:

Give a shout out on the forum too, you’ll probably find other people here to meet up with, and I’m sure they’ll happily show you the ropes :blush:

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Thanks @PingSpike ! I’ll look around for some deals, see what I can find. What do you guys do for insurance ? Have you got DJI care refresh ? Or any public liability in case you damaged any property ??

Drone on its way !!! Ordered a MP fly more combo from Argos for £999 which I thought was good value considering the MP on its own is £899. The ‘Mav’ arrives tomorrow :grin::grin::grin::helicopter:

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I did go for the DJI Care Refresh (was convinced I was going to crash) but never needed.

For liability insurance, I use my membership of BMFA (bmfa.org) which gives £25m. And they deal with all the paperwork.

I also went the Refresh route - but like @Renni-Aire I never cashed it in either (thankfully!) - there are a few members here who have though! It’s a cheap insurance policy and peace of mind in my opinion :+1:

I went the FPVUK route for my liability - £20 per year for £5m cover.

Bargain mate!!! I paid helluva lot more for mine last year :open_mouth:

I imagine, like most, you’ll spend day one charging everything up :slight_smile:

So where is the first flight planned for? Got somewhere quiet in mind?

Yeah I’ll get it all charged, read through manuals etc. Update firmware. Look through settings and get familiar with where things are. Set up beginner mode settings. Then maybe take it to the cricket field just up the road and take it for a spin ! Soooooooooo excited ! :crazy_face:

Top tip - while you’re adjusting settings and generally exploring the GO4 app while connected to the powered-up drone, be sure to remove the props first.

Accidents can happen :wink:

Ah thanks for that @PingSpike ! I wouldn’t have done that. Good idea. Do you guys take the battery off when storing the MP ?

I don’t personally, I’m sure some people do, but I always leave one battery in the MP.

Mainly because my case only has 3x battery slots and I have 4x batteries - hence one left in the drone 24/7 :blush:

The power button on the battery turns the battery off, it’s not a power button on the Mavic itself. So if the battery’s turned off, I don’t see any point in removing it - I also always leave one in. I leave it in when flying (on a plane that is) as well, nobody’s ever said anything - though I do have some fire-safe lithium battery pouches as well

Thanks guys ! Gonna take the Mav to Portugal in October. Any advice ? I’ve looked on AirMap and there’s no NFZ where I’m staying in the Algarve

John, fire up a new thread in the #Travel-advice-for-anyone-taking-their-drone-abroad category mate and ping @milkmanchris in to that thread - he was there just a few months ago, I’m sure he’ll tell you what’s what :smiley:

Thanks Rich I’ll do that ! :+1:t2:

Another question for you awesome Mavic geniuses. Yellow tab on back of gimbal. Leave on or take off. I’ve read very mixed opinions on this. Doesn’t bother me if I leave it there.

Mine is still there … even tho the gimbal isn’t exactly where it should be fora couple more hours. Never even thought about removing.

Try to walk first. Running will happen later. Good luck.

Thanks David ! Gonna be taking Mav for his first flight in about 30 mins ! :grin:

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