Hi from Portsmouth

Hello all. I must confess I’m addicted to quads. Apart from buzzing the wife in the living room and a practice flight in back garden with an upair one I haven’t gone into real world yet. I’m more of a serial tweaker and love getting into technology side (I’m an EMC engineer by day so RF is in my blood…especially interference!!!)


Hi there @MikeT and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

What drone(s) do you fly mate?

@Londroner and a few others will be pleased to see another member south of the border, they’re convinced the North is taking over :rofl:

A few of us have done various Modifications on our controllers, we’d really value your input :+1:

Welcome once again :slight_smile:

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Mainly the “toy” ones on Amazon indoors. Problem is every time I see a “bargin” on Amazon I’m hooked. Outdoor ones are an Upair One…had it on a string in back garden whilst checking Gps lock. Recently acquired a Simtoo Followme. Interesting tech as uses mavlink directly to control it rather than usual rc channels…Not been in air yet but had it in pieces. So been “collecting” but not flying for a while but want to get up in sky without breaking the rules!

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Hi Mike and another warm welcome to GADC. Great to have you with us. If you like ‘toy’ drones (and I wouldn’t class this as one), I have a Ryze Tello. It’s great fun to fly indoors and out (in light winds) and is an incredibly versatile little drone. Plus it can be programmed, which may appeal to the serial tweaker in you. :slight_smile:

Funny as was looking at those this morning! Potential is there with integration of opencv. Joined the group as I want to “go outside” legally…pretty hard as Portsmouth is a built up area…but have car will travel!

Yep. know the feeling. I live in an area surrounded by buildings, NFZs and no-go areas (NT, boo!). To fly means to travel first. :frowning:

Hi @MikeT


I live near Emsworth but work in Portsmouth so understand your problem. Try the playing fields at Farlington. This is a huge area, not used much in the week or early morning and you only pay for parking between 10-4 which is 50p an hour.


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Why didn’t I think of flying there! Looks like my first real outdoor flight location has been set!!!