Hi from Reading

Hi all,

Thanks to Rich for inviting me to this forum. Great to see a bunch of UK based drone pilots!

I bought a second hand Mavic Pro a couple of weeks ago and have managed to fly it a couple of times, and I love it.

Really looking forward at becoming a better pilot and getting some great videos and pictures.



Hi Mark, and welcome to our little shindig on the web !
You are in the right place for advice and Q & A’s.
Feel free to pop a question when you are not sure.

Hi Mark
Welcome to the madhouse, enjoy your stay :+1:

Welcome Mark,
You’ve done it now. Give it a little while and you’ll start buying one accessory after another. Then it will be more drones.
Happy flying

Hi @Mavic_Mark and welcome to Grey Arrows mate :smiley:

Glad you could join us :+1:t2:

Oh…it’s already started!

First few flights I was using my Google Pixel 3XL, which worked fine, except after about 20 minutes of flying the RC was down to about 40% battery as it was charging the phone …so I upgraded to an iPad mini 4.

And then I got some lens filters, and a soft carry bag and a sun shade for the iPad…I fear it won’t end for a while!

Cheers for the welcomes! I’m.on a few other forums for my daily driver car (BMW Z4) and my project car (AC Cobra replica) and I find it generally full of great people with helpful advice…looks like this is more of the same!



Hi Mark, welcome to the family.

Looking forward to seeing your photos and vids. Welcome to the friendliest and best drone club there is in the entire world…nope, entire universe. We don’t take anything too seriously, we are not the drone police, we all love flying, a great video or photo and like to swop editing techniques.


Welcome Mark
Let me know if you find some nice spots in your area and I will join you sometimes. I am not far from you

Sounds good!

And you too.