Hi from South East

Im Steve and I live in the South East. Just wanted to say hi and thanks for all your great work. Im a complete novice and have not yet purchased my first drone (but looking at the moment if anyone has or knows of any bargains going) :grin: I only joined the other day but already I can see there is a wealth of knowledge and experience among you all and looks like a great community of drone lovers here! Thanks to everyone who has already helped me with advice on which drone to buy etc and look forward to chatting with you all :+1:t2:

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Hi Steve and welcome to GADC. As you are new to drone flying and don’t have a drone yet, I would recommend having a look at acquiring a second hand drone to start with - the DJI Mavic Mini is a good first time drone, for example.

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Hi look at jjrc x12 drone cheaper option than dji to start out .

Hi Steve and welcome to GADC.

Have a look at the members map, perhaps you could tag along with someone local and get some ideas.

For places to fly when you get your drone, check out our very own DroneScene

Hi Steve and welcome to the GADC.

I am in Kent. Would be happy to meet up when you get your drone, and give you some assistance.



Hi All and thanks for the welcome! I really appreciate all the suggestions and advice, its really useful given Im a complete novice that hasnt even flown yet lol.
Chris thanks for the offer and I may well take you up on it once I finally get a drone to start flying. Im hoping to get one very soon. Im currently scouring the secondhand sites desperately looking for a bargain to get the best drone I can for my money :grin:

OK. Let me know how you get on.