Hi from South Manchester

Hi all,

I’m mark and live right next to Manchester Airport. Literally feet from the edge of a total NFZ.

Bought my MP on a total whim a couple of weeks back. Saw a video on Facebook and thought wow that’s cool. Started a bit of research and 40 mins later had ordered one!!

Still a total novice and have only had it up about a dozen times if that. Really nervous about sending it up high or out to any distance. My maximum to date was 450 metres out and the legal 120m up. I will say though that that did help boost my confidence quite a bit.

Looking forward to more flight time and getting to know like minded people.

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Hi Mark,

Welcome buddy. Glad to see I’m not the only one who buys stuff within minutes of being blown away by it.

There’s apparently no legal limit of 120m up for us Mavic owners (only visual line of sight).

A dozen flights or so makes you more of an intermediate pilot than a novice though :wink:

Welcome to GADC, Mark. I’m a fellow major airport ‘neighbour’. Glad you’ve got your bird in the air, I’m still looking for decent - and legal - flying spaces in my area.

The Club is still growing but already has some very knowledgeable members. You’ll learn a lot.

Welcome Mark, I work at tManchester Airport and live close to Barton Airport. Surrounded by NFZ lol.
The confidence with the MP soon comes, it really surprises you how well it works , I was apprehensive after seeing all the crash and fly away stories and very wary of loosing my drone.

LOL!! That’s exactly how I ordered my Spark :smiley:

But then while still waiting for a couple of weeks on a DJI pre-order I got more and more nervous about the specs, cancelled my order and bought a Mavic instead :roll_eyes:

We’ve all been there mate :+1:

Wait till you try Hangar 360 and it whisks your pride and joy off up to 91m at what looks like 100mph lol :wink:

I’m always careful in the wind, but on a still day our little bit of technology never ceases to amaze me with what it can do :open_mouth: :smile:

Welcome to GADC @Flyingpigvrs :slight_smile:

Welcome :slight_smile:
Another manchester user ! :metal: