Hi from Stony Stratford.

Good morning. I’ve been a looking only member for a while now. Just educating myself really. Very informative.


I moved from NW London to Stony Stratford in 1977, although moved out again 9 years later. It’s a lovely old coaching town.

Welcome, by the way.

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Greetings, I’m a fairly new member here too. Loads of helpful, friendly people I’ve found. There are also a number of us here from MK / Towcester / Bucks in general.

Are you (lockdown considered) flying atm? - Bury Field at Newport Pagnell is a lovely, large and full legit flying site - and I’m always looking for other suitable local places!


Good day sir,
I’m not doing much flying at the moment (Boooo) but I’ll be getting out more soon hopefully. I passed my PfCO last December and I’m currently working through the A2CofC so I’ll need to get 2 hours in to cover the requirement. I fly a Mavic Air 2 and I’m about to buy a Mini 2 so that I can fly from my back garden to get the hours. Normally I fly on open land near to the new Fairfields estate south of Stony.


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I’m a new flyer from Northampton looking for allowable places to fly.
You mention Bury Fields, has permission actually been given to fly there or is it just common land with no by laws. I know some fields have a dedicated area put by for flying and was wondering if this was the case here.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi Guys
I’m also quite new here - great club to be part of for all things drone.
I live in Leighton Buzzard so pretty close to Stony Stratford. One of the great things about this club is Drone Scene if you’re looking for places to fly. That coupled with the app “Nats Drone Assist” will tell you all you need to know so check those out and then if all okay - up,up and away!!!

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No need for that.

All the info that it offers are available in DroneScene

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@Blackbird196 - Bury Fields has proper permissions for it, there are a bunch of regulars who I got to know a little flying there last summer. There’s a Facebook page but I’m not on FB - someone else maybe able to point you in the right direction.

The ‘official’ spot even has a landing strip for fixed wings that’s kept mown short by one of the chaps. (Map coords: 52.0914075, -0.7364508)

Hope that helps.

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That’s great, thx for the info. Maybe see you up there sometime after lockdown, assuming we’re all allowed out to play again.