Hi from Suffolk!

Hey, thanks for the invite!

I’m the proud owner of two drones - Griffin, who is a one year old P3S, and Foxbat who is a Mavic Pro, only a few weeks out of the box. He’s had some challenges with a few calibrations and he sends some garbled vids to my Moto G4 but I’m hoping that when my tablet holder arrives, my tablet will be acceptable to him.

I’ve got a YouTube channel: Suffolk Fox - YouTube
If you like the videos or have any constructive critiques then please let me know…

Blue skies and happy landings to all!!

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Welcome to Grey Arrows @suffolkfox :smiley:

What tablet will you be using?

The garbled video isn’t just a cable issue, is it?

I’ve got a Lenovo Tab 4 10".

I’ll also be getting a good cable tomorrow and give it a try.

Hi and welcome.

Whereabouts in Suffolk? There’s a few of us in Norfolk if you ever fancy a trip across the border. We’ll even let you in without a passport.

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I’m in Ipswich so not far!

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Just gone through there on the train. Working in The Smoke today.

Took this a while back, you would have gone through this stretch, @PaperCrane

Me too - when I went to Norwich, by train, a couple of months back. :+1:

Haha yes I did! Nice footage.

Ipswich boy here to. May have to hook up fella