Hi from sunny (sometimes) Somerset

Hi all,

Thanks to PingSpike for the invite.

Based in Central Somerset, flying with the amazing Mavic Pro. Only had her about 6 months so fairly new to the hobby. This weather of late isn’t helping but getting out when I can. Getting braver with every flight.

See you all up in the skies

Richie2K :metal:

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Welcome to the forum mate.

Welcome to the club buddy.

Plenty of Mavic’s around here.

Welcome to the Grey Arrows @Richie2K, glad you could join us :+1:

I’m relatively new to the whole drone scene, been flying less than a year.

For some reason though, I find this to be the most addictive hobby I’ve ever had!! I can’t get enough of it :blush:

But yes, the weather is killing us right now, I can’t wait to get back out there!

Hi @Richie2K, welcome to GADC - very good to have you with us.

You’ve got a great drone there and one you’ll find a lot of help with in the club. Just ask questions. :slight_smile: