Hi from Tamworth

Hi Guys

I have today taken delivery of a Mavic Pro and having initially joined the Mavic Pilots forum I received a kind invite from Rich (PingSpike) to join GADC so here I am !

Not much to offer just yet … I’ve literally got the batteries on charge and suspect I’ll have trouble sleeping tonight ! Lol :joy:

I have Saturday morning “free” so I’ll be over the field early to try and get the hand of this




Hi Dave, welcome to GADC. We’re very pleased to have you with us.

Congrats on the new purchase and good luck with your maiden flight on Saturday.

Don’t forget, if you have an questions, this is the place to ask them.

Cheers mate :+1: Nervous and excited ! :blush:

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Hi Dave
Welcome to the mad house as Londoner said if in doubt ask
We do

Thank you :blush:

Batteries all charged last night

Firmware and Apps tonight then mini try out tomorrow hopefully

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Welcome @davidr.h You may already know this but the batteries may need updating as well, you will have to do them all.

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Hi mate … I have my beer and a curry with the firmware instructions to hand mate so will be updating all later on. Thanks for the message about batteries

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Hi @davidr.h and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

What’s Tamworth like for places to fly? Have you got anywhere in mind for tomorrow?

I’m not sure Tamworth is covered on our map, so please feel free to add to it at a later date :+1:

Good luck for tomorrow!

Hi Mate and thank you very much ! :blush: We’re what I’d call semi-rural where I am so on one side we’re a mile from the town centre etc etc but over the way from us we have the canals out away from town and past/across a lot of fields etc … I’ve downloaded a fly safe app and it looks reasonably clear the way I’m hoping to head !!! I’ll let you know !

Just remember to make sure all is updated to latest firmwares etc

Thanks mate!

Interestingly … charged all 3 batteries last night and the controller and updated firmware … no problem … when I then put in second battery (expecting it to say that it conflicted firmware versions ) there were no further prompts …?

Same with third battery …

Not every firmware update includes battery firmware updates … they are far less frequent. So it’s not unusual that you don’t have to do them.

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Ah ! OK that makes sense thank you ! All looks good so far ! Waiting for the rain to go away now ! Lol

Enjoy your first flight David. Great feeling first time you get it in the air.

Well, it was dry this morning so everything calibrated and a first tame flight around the garden getting used to the controls … very impressed how responsive it all is … had a practice with the RTH feature as well with the RTH height set st 30 feet only to stay just below the tree line … very useful function … did watch a great video the other night about making sure you set RTH to your static position or to follow the controller so that’s a mental note made to check each flight !

Family life and Father’s Day appear to have my afternoon boxed off but I’m hoping to go over the fields after work tomorrow night for a longer/further flight !!

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Don’t forget, in the outside world, to set it ABOVE the tree-line! … or height of any other obstacles that might be between you and your MP when you have to use it in anger. :wink:

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Oh absolutely ! I only set it at tree height in the garden so that it didn’t pop it’s head above and cause the neighbours any angst ! I even waited until the lawn mowers started before I fired up the Mavic ! Lol ! Sure I’ll get over it !


Superb!!! :+1:

Welcome Dave, you’ve come to the right place for tips / ideas and friendly pointers. I’m like you still new to flying a drone and so far so good as ive not had any bird attacks or fly always etc. I’m from Worcester so not too far away from you so if you find anywhere around here that’s good to fly give me a shout and I’ll do the same.

Thanks Mark ! Hoping to take a longer flight after work tomorrow and scope out some places to fly/film … I’ll be sure to add ! Glad you’ve managed some incident -free flying so far too :+1:t2:

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