Hi from the Scot in London

Hi all you fine people,
New to drone scene, not even had it outside yet, but raring to get it aired. Lockdown has forced me to go for an outdoor hobby and this is it. hopefully get out and stretch those legs soon and spin those blades. Work in IT, London City, don’t get out much and don’t have a dog to force the situation, so hopefully the drone will.
Worked in NATS Prestwick centre for 3.5years, so understand fully the safety precautions of flying near controlled airspace, especially TMA’s.
Holiday soon, heading back to Scotland to do some Loch filming, got the filters and other kit to drag along. So hopefully have some nice photo’s and video’s for you all to drool over.
Take it easy and glad to be aboard…


Welcome Clint.

You should be able to share some knowledge here! :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

Absolutely. Any information would be great.

Also, welcome to the club.

Haste ye back min. Bet you can’t wait to cross that border and breathe the fresh air. Hopefully you’ll find somewhere decent and quiet to fly. I am planning trip to Loch Lomond soon, winter time so less tourists.

Hi Clint welcome! Im new to drones too and have found everyone here really helpful and welcoming. Hope you manage to get out flying soon and look forward to seeing your photos and video footage of bonnie old Scotland! Enjoy your holiday :+1:t2:

Hi Clint,

Firstly great to have you as a member of GADC, hopefully you’ll find your time on this site useful.

You mentioned how you worked or work in the IT Industry, I am currently looking for a fulltime job within IT so can I DM you about stuff?


Yeah loads of ups n downs.

No problem, any info i can share, its yours.

Heading back to Scotland to drone as many lochs i can get in, inside 2 weeks off. Loch lomond will be the first likely.

Thanks, glad to be aboard. Cant wait for my 2 weeks off. Be good to take to the skies and not from a seat this time.

Hi Alex, thanks. Late response from me as usual. Anytime you want any info from me, give me a shout. No problem.

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