Hi from Tooting, south london

Hi all, just got my Mavic Air and now all charged and ready to fly when I can find a legal place near me.
Hoping somewhere closer than Richmond park but that maybe my closest.
Cheers, Jase

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Welcome,fellow mavic air owner here,enjoy!

Hi, again, @JK-London - thanks for adding yourself to the map. :+1:

All good… already found a couple of people local and a closer fly zone so awesome so far!!
Cheers :beers:

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Welcome to the forum. Hope you have many happy hours of flying, you’ve got a great aircraft there. Very portable, unobtrusive with a fantastic camera.

Thanks mate :+1:
Looking forward to getting it in the air…

Hello and welcome.

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I think you can fly on Mitcham common someone on here does I’ve flown in Beddington Park in the week when there’s no football matches on I think you can fly in Morden park there is model aircraft on Epsom downs you would have to check that out

Great, cheers. Wasn’t sure about Mitcham common. I thought the edge of Tooting Bec common was also an okay place. I’ve checked the NATS app and it’s just outside the no fly zone but it’s a bit of a gamble and I really don’t want to upset the Rozzers… :wink:

Right, watched everything, all charged and updated and it’s blue skies so I’m off to Beddibgton park now and see how I get on. Will do the 30m training first I reckon… just to be safe :wink:

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football pitches by the cafe is where i have flown i might wander down there in a while its not to far from me i walk the dog there sometimes

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Hey Scorps,
Thanks for coming down for my inaugural flight!! Really appreciated the support and spotting mate.
Had a great couple of flights and the footage is terrible so plenty of learning and work to do!!
Cheers mate!

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Hi @JK-London and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

I (mis)spent a lot of my childhood in Tooting :slight_smile:

I’d have suggested Figgs Marsh but then also looked at the Drone Assist app to find that also falls inside a massive red NFZ :roll_eyes:

What about Mitcham Common? @liamski flies there with no issues :+1:t2:

Hi Jason welcome to the forum
See it’s great how we help one another out I had similar when I did my first flight someone to spot and talk you though with your money in the air and hope it lands in one piece.

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Your more than welcome Jk you should of persuaded me to stay longer then i wouldnt have gone an bought a mavic 2 :flushed: idle hands an all that :face_with_hand_over_mouth: anytime you are over this way flying give us a shout and i will wander down

Hahaaa… Good for you mate!! Obviously you got the Hassleblad one with the funky sensor… that’s an awesome machine!!
That’s my next one after I’ve mastered this one!
Cheers again mate!!

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Over the moon with my Mavic 2 Pro, hope to have a flight tomorrow morning at low tide here in Blackpool.
Er?, anyone in the area fancy a meet up?

I wasn’t sure if that was an okay place or not… I’ll give that a go tomorrow morning I think. Trying to get as much time in the air as poss and build up confidence.
Cheers for the tip!!