Hi from Warwick

Hi all. Dave here from Warwick. I enjoy photography so a jump to drones seems right. Bought a secondhand Mavic Pro yesterday but the seller forgot to include the charge lead for the controller so I haven’t had my first flight yet (he’s posting it) Bit nervous about first few flights especially choosing a safe location? Lot of stuff to take in (for an old fart like me) Would love any advice or suggested locations to counter the nerves.

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Welcome to GADC

Standard MicroUSB will do ;o)

Hi. I did wonder that but it the MicroUSB lead I have looks a slightly different shape, ie more rounded on 2 of the corners. But I’ll give it a try, thanks.

Just be careful how you fit it, DJI use the squared off version

Insert the longer edge of a standard Micro USB facing the back of the controller*

*to the back of the controller If it’s sat facr up looking at you

:+1: :+1: Excellent advice and thanks. My controller is now charging. Cheers

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Hi Dave , and welcome to GADC , loads of useful stuff on here to read if you make good use of the little search icon top right plus loads of helpful members. As for first flight just find a nice quiet space away from everything and everybody, the less distraction and things to hit the better until you find your feet and for me i forgot about the video side of things until I had mastered the controls and remember to make sure it confirms your home point has been updated before you fly off . Enjoy and have fun

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That’s sound advice. I think I’ll wait til next weekend for first flight. I want to read up some more and watch more videos. Hopefully it will not be too windy and I can get out and start finding my feet. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks again.

Welcome Dave,
Where abouts in Warwickshire are you?
There’s a few local guys who fly here, Coventry area
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Steve,
I live in Warwick. I did read earlier that someone has flown in St Nicks park, but I would have thought that was too busy, but I’m not sure.

Hi Dave
Some of us fly saturday/sunday, morning if weather good at Hawksbury Old Golf Course
Is it close enough for you to travel?
if so I’ll let you know whennext meet is


Welcome to GADC

Hi Steve,
Travelling is not a problem. I think I just found you youtube channel and I like your videos, so I subscribed. Hope thats ok?

A big thank you to everyone whos welcomed me to this site. It’s already helping with the nerves.

You can get the charge cable here

Hi Dave
No problem, but I can’t see you as a recent subscriber so itmay not have been me.
This is me…

Hi Steve,
Yes that’s definitely where I subscribed. I’ll double check when I get home from work.

Did you see this post recently?

As you can see, he is suggesting Warwick Race Course and Newbold Common … see the rest of the post for more details.

Hi BudgieUK,
I looked on the Warwick Council for any information regarding Drone flying but couldn’t find anything, but it did mention model aircraft flying at those 2 places. So does that mean it’s ok to fly drones there? It also mentioned about the need for insurance. Now as a newbie, that hadn’t occurred to me! So do I need to get insurance before I start flying?

Best to get some public liability

Lots of advice on there too on mentors and the CofC practical :wink:

As @milkmanchris has said, it seems that Public Liability insurance is a good (and not expensive) step. In the thread I posted the link to, he mentions the specific insurance they are asking for, but that does seem to imply Fixed-wing rather than drones.
For peace of mind, it might be worth a call to the Local Authority to clarify?