Hi from Wiltshire

Had my Mavic since May. Had a P3A beforehand.

I mostly shoot the countryside but have shot towns and cities a couple of times.


Instagram - www.instagram.com/gavcuk
YouTube - www.youtube.com/gavcuk


Hi and welcome.

Some nice videos and images there.

Hi Gavin,

Welcome from the Midlands.

Off to have a nosey at your media :slight_smile:

Welcome @gavcuk, thanks for joining us :smiley:

Working in agriculture, this photo piqued my interest right away so I had a wander round your site there:

But then I saw this one:

And then I saw this one:

Holy shit man, amazing work :+1: :smiley:


I’m not long back (last weekend) from camping in Pewsey :+1:

(Is that far from you?)

Alas, I didn’t have a chance to send the drone up over the Caen Hill Locks in Devizes, but I’ll be back there next year and it’s on my list for sure!

Managed to grab these from the site we were on, the local birds (Swifts or Swallows, unsure) were paying a serious amount of interest to my bird, there was +40 of them circling me at one point :open_mouth:

Please feel free to post as much media as you like, looks like you’ve been doing this for a while :smiley:

Thanks Spike.
Photos are easier but I really enjoy putting videos together (I just wish it didn’t take so long!)

Some of my videos have been put together using Quik or DJI GO 4 editor. I think both are pretty remarkable to be honest. The one reason I end up spending hours in Final Cut Pro is colour grading which makes so much difference.

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The one thing that helps my photo editing is Lightroom.

That said you must shoot in RAW to get maximum from your photos.


Pewsey is about 30-40 mi utes from me.

Some of my crop circle videos were in Alton Barnes which is nearby.