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Hi guys/girls

I have just found this site after many hours looking and researching drones. I actually don’t own a drone, I have never used one but it interests me. So would anyone be so kind as to point me in the direction of a good first drone. I don’t want to spend loads on my first drone but on the other hand I don’t want to purchase a pile of junk. If anyone on here has a good first drone for sale on here at a reasonable price then I would be very interested. I wish I could buy new but I’m slightly restricted at the moment. Thank you in advance, Mike

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Hi Mike, welcome to GADC.

I would suggest that the Mini 2 is the way to go. Small, light, 4K camera, occusync 2 and very few restrictions.

Having said that (plug), I will have the original Mavic Mini flymore combo for sale in a few days or so if interested, for £320. PM me if interested.

Alright mate, ow am ya? I’m just up the road in Bloxwich. What you want depends on how much you want to spend, the fave at the moment is the DJI Mini 2, although the Mavic Mini is basically the same airframe, but without the Occusync 2 transmitter and the 4K ability on the camera (camera’s the same but firmware was altered to allow 4K)
The Spark is pretty good (can get for 200 quid upwards) and the Mavic Air 1 was highly thought of when it was released, they go for anything between 350 and 450.
Try and get the Fly More package, (more batteries/charger and spare props are included), if you can afford it.
Any problems just give us a call.


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Hi Mike and welcome to GADC :smiley:

Without knowing what your budget is, it’ll be impossible for people to make any viable recommendations :blush:

Let us know your price range and suitable suggestions will come flooding in.

@Mickyburnout also, rather than everyone reinventing the wheel, have a look at this thread from just two days ago, lots of suggestions / information here:

Cheers for the response guys and thanks for the warm welcome. I’m looking at spending around £300 to £400. It sounds like the mini 2 maybe the best option. I also like the idea of the air one.


You’re in luck then mate, I’ve got a Mavic Air 1 for sale and it’s just up the road. To you £350 or very close, look in the For Sale section for details.


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I am thinking the same thing, I do have a mavic mini and a mavic air 2 but the new drones that are set to be released are going to be different. In the process of doing my A2 COFC I can only see the new drones coming out with less than what we have now in regard to robustness. They will have to because you will be able to fly closer to people and it’s all put down to safety at the end of the day so I will be waiting to see it these new little UVA’s fall apart at the slightest impact.