Hi from Worsley

Evening all,

Seems like you’re a friendly bunch thus far so thought I would say hello as some of your members are kindly helping me out with a build issue.

I’m Ben, currently living in Worsley, Salford, Greater Manchester. Only picked up droning this past Easter but have various technical interests that carry over and no fear of a hot soldering iron.

I must confess my first drone was the DJI FPV. It still lives, and has been a great deal of fun. I bought a Mob6 and TinyHawk2 for indoor practice, and although I didn’t get another analogue headset I did modify my DJI goggles… frankly I’ll put DJI or compatible gear in my drones when it’s available again. I also switched to a RadioMaster TX16S with some minor mods and a crossfire module.

No other RC experience, though I do a lot of scuba diving and intend to branch into that when we can travel again.

Besides that I’m afraid I’m not that interesting, but I look forward to flying with you.



Welcome mate :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Hi Ben You are on the door step. I am down the road in Swinton.