Hi from Yorkshire


Relatively new in the drone world.

Had my DJI Mavic Air 2 for a couple of months now.

Here are some videos I’ve done in that time.

Feedback always appreciated. Good or bad


Welcome along to GADC. Friendly bunch we are :slight_smile: well, mostly :smiley:

Nice videos there. Love the moody clouds in the Emley moor


Hi Mef77, thanks for sharing your videos. I’ve had a Mavic air2 since January and still learning how to fly, manoeuvre and create good video and photos. Every time I fly I learn something new about the controls and settings and continue to make mistakes. For what its worth here is my feedback. I like the use of wide fly past and over the landscapes. To keep the viewers interest try different angles, close up and wide. Try to create a point of interest and avoid long sweeping cuts and repeats. Try to fit the beats of the music to match the video to give them some pace. Watch others on YT and GADC. Practice, practice and practice some more. keep flying and best wishes your doing a great job. James

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I lived up near Castle Hill in Almondbury from 95 to 06, whenever I was selling a car I would take it up there to photograph it, always thought that backdrop was perfect, great vid’s thanks for sharing

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I went to school there (decades ago) so know castle hill quite well. Was nice to see it from a different perspective

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My kids did too, Almondbury High School as it was then before becoming an academy, I do believe it is closing now mind

I went to Newsome High. Back in the late 80s

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