Hi, new from Newark

Hello all, new to the forum but not new to drones. Started off with a Parrot Bebop2 before advancing to a DJI inspire which although is a great drone proved to be too large and impracticable. So I’ve now gone and got myself a Mavic Pro which is ideal for taking along on walks and days out. Always looking at ways to improve my flying, videos and photos to journal my travels. So I will be looking for hints, tips, tricks and advice throughout these forums.


Hi Bob,and a warm welcome to GADC,we are a good bunch of Drone flyers on here,and we don’t bite!!:rofl::rofl::wink: Any questions,and i am sure someone will soon be along to help , So pull up a chair,and make yourself at home ,on THE most friendly drone forum in the UK…

Hi @barleycornTed and welcome to Grey Arrows :+1:t2:

Going by your avatar, I’m tagging in @joe.k to let him know Walter White is here :grimacing:

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Hi Bob,
Welcome to the forum.

It sounds like you could give us some …

… of your own!

Thanks for the warm welcome, I’ve been on various Facebook groups but they all seem too happy to just moan, groan and belittle anyone who asks for advice. So it makes a nice change to be in a forum that gives such a warm welcome.
Although I’ve had some experience I never want to stop learning and acquiring new skills to get the best out of my drone, and I’m always willing to share my past successes and failures.


Hi Bob,
Welcome to a place that will not belittle you for what may seem stupid questions, we all have asked them at sometime.
Just chuck us a beer, a bottle of vino, and a pizza and we will answer anything !.
Seriously a sincere welcome from “An Old Fart” who should know better at his age !.
But hey keeps me away from the wife, and we meet great people here on the Forum at meets that we arrange.
Keep and eye open for a meeting of members near you.
We mostly end up in a cafe or ale house !.

@chrisjohnbaker Far better to get out flying the drone,beats listening to the wife "droning on " errr. The fact that there just happens to be a pub on the way home,is just coincidence,surely…:wink::wink:I always find,for some reason,my O/A fails when near a pub,always seem to fly into the damn things…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I totally agree Tony,
I do try to avoid them Honest!.
They just seem to get in the way on the way home, sometimes several times,
the route home is fraught with dangers !..

The Cottage, The Red Lion, The Fiveways, The Eagle

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ding ding ding ding ding ding




welcome @barleycornTed

I’m in Ollerton, found any good places to fly along the Trent?