Hi, newbie with questions! - West Sussex

Hi, I just found this forum. I live in West Sussex on a farm so I have loads of space to fly. I’ve had rc stuff in the past and got myself an Eachine e38 and some cheap phone mount goggles. I’ve been blown away by the immersion and fun to be had. I have now acquired a phantom1 and want to add fpv with ideally still shot and video capabilities. Can anyone recommend a cheap and cheerful way of doing this? I’m not adverse to diy stuff and second hand/old stuff. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks. Andy.

Hi Andy and welcome to GADC, we hope you enjoy your stay ;o)

Can’t help on your Phantom 1 question, but I’m sure someone will be along soon who will.


WRT to your Phantom 1… The way we used to handle this was to hang a GoPro 2/3/4 from the underside, and connect via its mini USB to a FPV transmitter. Unfortunately the Naza flight controller does not allow for remote triggering of the camera so you would have to start recording before take off, or for stills set the GoPro up to do time lapse.

I have four Phantom 1’s in my collection, each setup just like this but with different cameras, gimbals, and FPV TX’s.


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Cheers for this. I already own a go pro 2 so I’ll try this out.
Any recommendations for a good value transmitter and goggles that work well with this set up?

I’ll call on the advise of @anon34183503 for recommendations as his knowledge of such things is greater than mine. I’m still using the now antiquated Fatshark 8channel video transmitters and my goggles are also not the latest and greatest, so any recommendations I have will probably not be of much use.


Hi guys.

So I don’t have a gopro2 but I’m gonna assume it will output standard analog video…

Assuming that’s the case then you will need a 1/2 decent analog vtx and antenna to transmit the data.

I recommend either the tbs unify, immersionrc tramp or the matek hv vtx…

It’s worth noting that the lag generated from using the GoPro as the fpv camera will be to high to fly it fpv. You would want a dedicated fpv camera for that.

On the goggles end entry level I would suggest the Ev800d goggles…

Hope that helps

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I agree about the ev800d goggles. Very good for the price, but if you need reading glasses, a 3d printed spacer helps. I might sell mine if your interested Andy? With spacer. £55 delivered

Oops. Sorry, just sold em

That’s a great help. Thanks people.
I’d have had those goggles off you too!
So if I got a pair of those goggles then buy an fpv camera and transmitter I can mount them myself and job done?

Pretty much. I did a post on this, but you may want a better video transmitter than the one I mentioned.

You can fit fpv to just about anything tbh. But when it comes to the video transmitters buy a quality transmitter especially if flying with other people. The ones I mentioned above are all good quality brands/transmitters and get the wyntrblue seal of approval

You can take stills from your video, I do and they are about 20mp so plenty to play with.

What resolution are you recoding in?

4K. 30 FPS

So, at the absolute maximum, you have a source that’s less than 9mp. And that’s the best still you can take from it.

Perhaps I have misunderstood you.
I always leave my camera settings on auto, 4K and 30FPS and when I take a still using VLC player on my PC it is always around 20 MP.
Is that what you wanted to know?

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ah - 20Mb you probably mean?? :+1:

MP is mega pixels … which is a DSLR resolution image … and I was wondering how you were obtaining such high resolution.

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Ah bo****ks, yes!!! Silly me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha! :+1: