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Thanks. Looks the biz.

I wrote to the CAA many moons ago about this, it’s not illegal to have strobes.

The CAA is now encouraging the use of a Green Strobing strobe underneath the drone to aid in identifying it as a none conventional aircraft. This is especially so for night flying.

The reason is the normal Red and Green Navigation lights can be mistaken and as we move on to “beyond visual line of sight” in the near future by the big boys it will be a legal requirement.

I have white and red flashing which I used to use but Sod’s law I should have used Green…:rofl:

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Got a green and red Strobon Crees, I forgot what you said about not looking at them when you switch them on…blinded! :flushed:

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They are a tad on the bright side. . . . :rofl:

A TAD!!! A little bit of an understatement- I’m still seeing spots! :pleading_face:

I’m a strobe fan- I regularly use the beacon on my M2E (it fits on top and is switched on/off from the controller, when that is flashing the drone underside light also flashes). It’s really useful when I am doing close-proximity inspection. Where there’s structures or trees in the background field of view, the flash really helps pick the drone out from the background.


This is a good post.

So we are saying Green underneath is the way to go if investing in a strobe now?