High Speed hare and High Speed 2

Spotted a hare about 30m away from launch spot. Approached from above and descended as slowly as I could, expecting it to hop it. Realised it wasn’t at all bothered as I gently got nearer and nearer. It carried on happily eating the farmer’s crop! Must have had about 10 mins watching it. Best prolonged view I’ve ever had of a hare! Maybe a Mini2 in the hover isn’t in its checklist of things to run away from. Unless it was a hare brained hare that is……
Quite symbolic that the HS2 Jones Hill Wood clearance site can be seen in the background of the closest photo of the hare. The other photo shows the view through the Wendover gap looking roughly westwards towards Stokenchurch in the far distance. HS2 will be right at the bottom edge of this photo.
2 high speed subjects in one flight and the sun was out!:slightly_smiling_face:


That is totally brilliant!

Agreed, an amazing capture @geoff :clap:t2:

Thanks very much! I was thrilled to get it I must admit.

Thanks a lot!

I’ve got footage of a hare I followed with the DJI FPV drone, just haven’t had the time upload.