Hit an issues on my 1st build

I,m about half wayish through my first build and discovered T-Motor Mini F7 HD FC & Mini F45A Stack doesn’t fit in my 4inch frame :man_facepalming:t3:
As you can see from the picture it sticks out the side of the frame. I guess I could reposition the Capacitor but even then the mounting holes are larger.

Should I send it back and go for a Mamba mini which are out of stock at HobbyRc at the mo…

Any advice would be appreciated…

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The holes are designed for rubber grommets / sleeves I guess. Did they not supply any?

^ This

The rubber mounts take up any slack in the holes

Sticking out the side of the frame doesn’t really matter, apart from aesthetically - just means easier access for soldering the motor wires on :wink:

like your thinking, I suppose I just wanted it to look right being first build and that :thinking: taking the positives its a good board even if it does stick out…

they have mate but the screws in the frame are half as thick as the 1s supplied with the board, could I still the board out to fit :thinking:

You could (drill), or buy smaller ‘id’ grommets. Guessing it suits m2 bolts? And your grommets m3?

So if you fit the rubber grommets the board won’t fit on the screws?

The frame bolts are a lot smaller as you see and the bolts are longer"on the right"

I’ll be honest and say you could have chosen a better suited esc.
But we have all bought the wrong stuff in the past ( I still do regularly).

You could return it (best if you can), or engineer a solution if you are up for it…

I do not recommend Ebay myself, but these may fit. You’ll have to measure the esc holes.

Hmm I hear you, think its going to be a case of seeing whats available. I know a Mamba mini would fit as a guy on YouTube has done a build with 1.
Thing is I’ll have to get 1 from somewhere else as hobbyRc have none in stock.

My mate built an Apex Micro 4" using that exact stack


Looks like he used the grommets and just slid them down the M2 stack screws with a small gap. I can ask him if you like?

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Apart from the crossfire it looks like the same set up as mine.

Please If you don’t mind asking that would be great. Iv found this on unmanned tech but really don’t want the hassle of sending it back …

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Would you mind asking where he got his TPU bits from as I have boring black :yawning_face:

I’ve sent him a message will let you know what he says :+1:t2:

The TPU parts I know he got one of his mates to print off for him specially in that blue colour

OK he replied saying he had to buy longer screws to fit the stack in. His build is on Rotor Builds if you want to take a look

Looks like he also rotated his esc 180 so power leads are behind the camera for more room near the vista.

Lol… that was my question and the capacitor??..

It looks like he use the screws that came with the frame as the silver and not black like the stack ones…

Is this it wedged behind camera put it in some wires for more flexibility.