Hiya from Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Hi all. Greeting from Yorkshire. Just got my first drone. (Mavic mini). Any hints or tips would be greatly welcomed.


Welcome Warlock. I know Wakefield well, had many a good night at Roof Tops ;o)

Have a look and add yourself to the Members Map, to see local flyers in your area (I’m not miles away, just the other side of Selby).

Good choice on the Mini, lots of us here have and fly them.

Any questions don’t be afraid to ask, lots of people always willing to help .

Enjoy your stay.

Thanks milkmanchris. Had a few good good nights in rooftops too. Fallen down the steps a couple of times too lol.

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Hi Graham and welcome to GADC.

Welcome hows the mini going

Thank you.

Thank you. Only had a chance to take it out once with the weather like it is but think its superb. Still alot of learning to do.


I’m not a million miles from you at all perhaps we could meet, I just need to get a drone!

Sure. Once this bloody covid bug is under control.

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Seems to have gone on forever

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We were planning a Yorkshire meet when it all kicked off

Watch this space :eyes:


Awesome I’m definitely up for that any idea where

It sure has. Ive been lucky to have been working all the way through it. No rest for the wicked Lol. :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

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Sure will. :eyes: :eyes:

Welcome to the group, I’m in Leeds :fist:

Rooftops there’s a blast from the past, many happy-ish hour in there

Happy flying :+1:

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Welcome I am from Leeds.

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Count me in on that Chris.

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Welcome to GADC Warlock. Fellow flyer from York here. :+1:

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Count me in as well

Welcome to the club you will learn a lot here regards Irvine

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