Hobbyist Drone Insurance - Comparison Chart

This topic aims to provide all club members with a continually updated list of hobbyist insurance providers, their level of cover, their fees, and other useful information.

I have compiled a list of popular providers over on Drone Scene:

It includes Public Liability Insurance, along with Accidental Damage, Theft, Loss and Flyaway Drone Insurance Cover and Manufacturer-offered Insurance too.

The list will be updated periodically.

If you find any information is out of date, or you wish to add an insurance provider to the list on Drone Scene, please reply in thread below.

We’d also love to hear your feedback on your current insurance provider, especially if you’ve been unfortunate enough to make a claim. How well did they handle your claim? Did they pay out promptly? Any other feedback or information you can share about them?


@stevesb do Yuneec offer their own insurance / refresh / cover?

@KayKay @Jimmymac @Rabsoffagain same question re Parrot?

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Pretty sure yuneec don’t, but have heard mixed reports on their uk arm being pretty good on warranty honouring. Even sometimes out of warranty replacement.

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Good to know, thanks for the info Steve :+1:t2:


Parrot gave me a new drone when mine threw a prop and crashed into ennerdale water, I asked if they would sell just a drone (no batteries or controller) they took the flight logs and about 2 weeks later a new drone arrived (with a controller and battery).
I guess that is more of a warrenty rather than insurance cover though, as for liability insurance and things its not something i have seen parrot offer.


Parrot don’t offer any kind of liability cover. They will replace a drone, battery, or controller that’s within warranty as far as they’ve seen evidence/data that user is not at fault


Excellent follow up work and I like this approach much better than my original ‘essay’ :smiley:

Just added another provider, Moonrock Insurance, to the comparison chart:


Just on the Moonrock site to get a quote - Have entered GADC as the club but wants a Member ID?

Sorted :crazy_face: