Holá from the Lakes

Recently joined & thought I’d say hi to the forums. Already joined in a few & you all seam to be a helpful bunch.
I’m new to the QuadCopter scene & have flown fixed wing models 30 yrs ago so learning all new skills.
I didn’t notice many ‘pins’ in the map around me but if there’s any of you good folk local to me that want to exchange some chats & possibly different locations to catch up please say hello.
I can see there are ‘meet up’ posts so will e keeping an eye on there too.

Thanks for letting me join & I hope my contributions make people smile if nothing else :grin:


Welcome and take heart, that unlike fixed wing, here you can let go of your controls and your machine will hover (unless your battery runs out) till your ready to carry on!

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Hi from ten junctions further down the M6 :smiley:


Hi from North Lakeland.

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Hi Mark and welcome to GADC.

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Indeed & very reassuring it is. :+1:
Put in about 20hrs already trying to build up skills & confidence. That bleep of low battery gets me every time. Especially if I’m over one of the lakes or rivers :joy:

What part? I’ve flown a bit around the back of Keswick & Ullswater. That’s where my sunrise profile pic was taken.

Used to live over Pennington way & family around Parbold / Shevibgton. Some nice places to fly although not sure about over the Flash :joy::joy::see_no_evil: even if it wasn’t in the NFZ of Manchester lol

Northern Eden Valley, but have also flown back of Keswick and down Kirby Lonsdale areas

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Welcome. You’re in a great place to fly!

Sure am although these jet boys seam to be taking over again.

Welcome to the club.

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Hi there mate welcome.

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Hi, I’m also new to this & living in the Lakes trying to find places to fly that aren’t National Trust. I’ve flown over Coniston a couple of times, but the weather hasn’t been great recently.

Bad weather an understatement lol. NT have updated their ‘guidance’ recently but I’ll hand launch / retrieve just out side their boundaries or in suitable lay-bys & fly merrily away lol.
I’ve got the BMFA insurance as a hobbiest & from jan 1st the A2CofC also kicks in. I’ll always be respectful to land owners & ive permission from a couple of quarries & jetties etc to fly from so it’s always worthwhile asking & chatting to the lovely folk up here. Some of the ferry companies say ‘NO’ but they’re in need of enlightenment lol. Needless to say idiot tourists flying off the back of some of the larger ferries doesn’t help lol.
Where are you based Lis?
Have you been flying long?

Hi, we live in Ulverston about a 10 minute drive from the bottom of Lake Windermere (Newby Bridge). There are a few places locally to practise flying, but I’m pretty cautious especially when there are people around. I’ve just started the A2 CofC course but I’m going to have to get my flying time increased before I can do the exam so need a few more legal places to fly. Have to say judging by some videos on YouTube there are plenty of people out there who fly illegally.


Pop on a pair of boots & pick a few trails to wander along & you’ll find a fair few places to fly. Try along a few streams, Top down over some of the trails in Grizedale, even just up from Lakeside & fly back south (keeping VLOS obviously) The river Leven at Newby bridge is over 50m wide, ask at the swan if you can use their carpark early one morning & try for some pics of the bridge.
I’m sure you wont be defeated its just a bit of recon & planning. I’m currently on crutches so getting ‘off road’ isn’t easy but with another looming lockdown taking your drown with you on your outdoor exercise might work out well.

Thanks. Do you need permission from the Forestry Commission to fly in Grizedale? As soon as it warms up & my fingers stop turning blue even with thermal gloves I’ll be out flying around Newby Bridge :grinning:

I’m not aware you do but if you’re not yet A2 CofC qualified you’ll need to keep 150m away from uninvolved people which under normal conditions might be hard to check. (50m if A2…etc) suggest lockdown is a better time to do but try take a couple of spotters with you.
Have a look at they’re website for specific “rules” interpret as you would others if they’re trying to control airspace.
:+1: let me know if you’re planning soon. Maybe help each other spot. (Socially distancing)

50M from people, although if they count the area as recreational then you need to 150m from there anyway