Holiday in Norfolk


Love the low sun reflecting on the winding ribbon or road in the second vid …


Cheers mate :+1:

Fabulous videos@Frank :+1:

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Thanks mate

Great Videos Frank, shows Norfolk at it’s best !.
Well Done, great editing !.
Love the Sun glinting on the water at 1.03 on the second video !

Great stuff as usual Frank .
Windy as heck down here in Plymouth but nice and sunny and warm .

Hope the wind dies down for ya mate to get the Mavic up. Enjoy your hols Shane :+1:t2:

Thanks mate, funny thing is while I was at that beach a bloke came over to talk to me and it was one of the security men from Kelling Heath who told me I wasn’t allowed to fly on site😄 I said blimey I thought you was going to say you can’t fly here haha. Nice chaps though and agreed with me as there should be a designated area on site like they have for ball games, they said it would make there job easier. They was impressed with the the drone.

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The guy who confronted me was on Wells Beach, he also was an Estates Security Guy from Holkham Estates.
He looked odd crossing a beach with Broom over his shoulder !.
Were you on the Kelling Heath Site at the time?.
As has been said before, many times, if you take off from a public place, nothing to stop you flying over the estate.
I bleeding would !.

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I should add that I was with @PaperCrane and @UnluckyTimmeh at the time.
It was the day we Filmed the Wells Triathlon.

Bloody great day out !