Holiday to Turkey with the Mini 2 - The Week in Video

Every year 200 of us take over a hotel in Hisoronu in Turkey for a week-long private soul and dance music holiday which I’m also lucky enough to DJ at as well. This year I took the Mini 2 to make a short promo video for the organizers. This is a short video of the place and some of the shenanigans we got up to.


Did you have to get permission to take your drone? I go to Oludeniz every year and id like to take mine but ive read that you need to get a license to take it to turkey.

I didn’t no. I spent hours researching it and deliberating but finally thought, sod it. All looks OK to me, same regs regarding 250g drones as here, just pack it the hand luggage and go for it. Stansted was fine about it and it wen’t through Dalaman scanners outbound with no issues. Coming back it went through the scanners without issue again and they didn’t bother checking my hand luggae at the boarding gate, which was a surprise.
As for flying locally. Flying at the beach and out from the boat no one had any issues.

I did make sure the batteries were in a LIPO bag though


Ive got the DJI FPV but im considering getting a mavic or a mini just for holidays.

Looks like a blinder of a week :+1:. Like the way you used stills and all the shots looked great. Nice one.

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