Holiday Video

Holiday video from Easter in Portugal, drone at the beginging then skip to 2:24 if you want to miss the GoPro and family stuff and see more drone shots.

Be kind, I just wish I had more talent to sit and edit properly.


First off a nice location and nothing better with good weather which helps in catching great shots.

I have also no time or talent to edit but yours was well put together it felt like when watching it as a travel advertisement and good one at that.

I clicked straight into the video without reading your message and when the wee cuddy jumped into the pool I thought “oh shit” lol


Nice one @milkmanchris :smiley:

Couple of observations…

  1. They all drive the wrong way on roundabouts :open_mouth:
  2. It looks waaaayyyyyy too hot there for me… I max out at around 21C :sun_behind_small_cloud:

Great video though mate, ditto what Ziceman said :+1:

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We were expecting mid 20’s we were lucky to get that maybe twice in a fortnight. average about 18C daytime dropping to as long as 8 on a night. Bright sunshine though when it was out.

Thanks both for the kind critique.

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For 43 consecutive days in Southern Italy last summer, every day exceeded 35°C in the day, 8 days were >40°C, 1 hit 45°C, and for about 20 nights it never went <30°C.

… and I LOVED every minute of it! :+1:

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My sister lives in Dubai (we visit often, as everyone with a relative abroad should), I’ve seen 50+ daytime, which is slightly extreme, but being like a lizard on a rock I feel a comfortable is mid 30’s as long as the humidity is ok.

Once on a 3 week visit we became so acclimatised that fleeces were worn on a night when it was 28C

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Can’t be too hot for me! :+1:

Actually - I also love the dry cold when skiing in the winter, too. My hands usually become “duty glove warmers” for all those with me.
I’ve even slept in an igloo in northern Finland @ -35°C … and was too hot in the crazy arctic sleeping-bag! LOL!

At the old age of 49 I’ve become softened by working in an Air Con box (permanent 25) so now I find the shorts get packed away November to February.

I find at least a week in the sun every 100 days seems to keep me sane.

#Whippersnapper! :stuck_out_tongue: