Holy Island Northumberland

I have looked for info whether I can fly on or over Holy Island, but all I seem to find is the NT will not allow drones, surely they don’t own the whole island, or do they?
I have public liability insurance, we are passing tomorrow on our way to Edinburgh for a few days, so I fancied stopping off while the tides are friendly and flying, but if it is not allowed I would like to know, too many conflicting info but not to the point.
Does anyone know for sure please?


Looks like they own the bit round the castle

Our very own DroneScene is your friend


Which means, I think, that you can’t take off and land there, but you can fly over it if you can launch elsewhere?


Yes I agree, I will risk it for a biscuit, thanks all

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Holy Island is a big place … NT owns land around the castle, English Heritage owns the land the Abbey is on. The rest is village, farmland and seashore. Have fun.

Sadly too busy and way too windy, gusts of 40mph so wasn’t risking it, will try by the Forth Bridge tomorrow and around HMY Britannia too