Home town/village, Ingleton, North Yorkshire

I’ve finally got around to putting something together of the beautiful place that I live.
Where do you live and have you done a short video of your area?
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I really liked the collection of views… esp the smoother camera operations…

only thing is is just as i was getting interested in a scene, it changed to another one. It is obviously an edit choice on your part.

… but just my personal preference

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Excellent presentation of your home village.

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Thanks Grazuncle. Yeah it was a conscious decision as I am a fan of the shorter videos and purposely aimed to get this under 1 minute. Having done it now though I do tend to agree with your comments and you are not the first to mention it.

What I failed to think about was the fact the others may not know the area and therefore a longer video would be more beneficial.

Watch this space as I may do an extended version at some point :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers again


you’ll never please everyone. It’s did have enough interest in the scenes to want more though… for me anyway

I’d like to have flown the route myself. Some scenes I would have taken stills from so as to peruse then in greater detail… But hey I’ve never been there… So…

Keep up the good work

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