Honey Bees and Drones

Hi all… I plan to use my Mavic Pro to survey Chimneys and the likes for Honey bees.

I rescue / remove honey bee colonies from chimneys, roofs and wall cavities, the drone should certainly help for ease of access.


Drones chasing drones … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome Martyn to GADC :slight_smile:

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What a good idea it will even sound like bees :grin:

And the bees are ok with that? :thinking:

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As long as the bees , " are staying alive, HaHaHa Stayinnnnggg Allliiiveee "

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Welcome and good luck with your plan.

If you don’t mind my asking, how precisely do you get an established colony of honey bees out of a chimney without destroying them? I imagine they are pretty relectant to leave of their own accord and where access is very limited it sounds like an impossible task!

Very carefully is the process.

Thermal camera to show where and how deep… then

drone footage to show the client of works complete.