Honeymoon period is over...Kind of

So, got 3 quads on the bench :sweat_smile:

Nazgul lost its VTX antenna mid-flight, my fault for not checking i guess after a few collisions, so a replacement ordered and hope that the VTX is ok. Also noticed a nick in the power cable from props(not to mention a balance connector missing on the batt) so some minor repair there and a lesson ;learnt about rubber bands, batteries and wires.

The Tinyhawk took a dive and rewarded me with a bright blue screen. Preliminary check and all cables and connections appear to be ok from visual, but I have no OSD either so I will need to trouble shoot this further, anyone with experience there care to point me in a direction?

So I tried to throw the DJI FPV about… didn’t end well, however just a landing issue, I flipped it, tried to cut the motors AND THEY DIDNT CUT! lol ended up with motor overload and scrapped the props. I didn’t bother to check it any further, I might gain the courage this week to assess fully, dont think I broke arms though.

So how am I doing for my first couple of months? Am I an FPV pilot yet?! Admittedly was a little disheartened last night but this is exactly what I signed up for, apart from the DJI, that wasn’t meant to happen. Quickly thinking I need a spare Tinyhawk and a spare 5 inch too, so when this happens again im not grounded, think I will be picking brains on first 5inch build in the near future, get the plans in place!

Also guess this gives me a little time to upload some videos, I’ll condense the crashes to 1 video to save some time :joy:


Camera video wire from fc to vtx. Or vtx is faulty / no power.

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I’ve probably had to fix or improve all of my drones (6) at some point or another in the time that I’ve been flying fpv.

It’s been around 8 months for me and I’m still learning every week and still crashing and having to repair.

I’ve said it many times - if you ain’t crashing you ain’t really flying fpv.

The good thing is crashing helps you learn how not to crash but also the experience in repairs means they take less time to complete. :joy:


Going to check this out tomorrow when I have a little time, hopefully it’s an easy fix even if I have to strip it to get there

Haha I was guessing this was the fate of the hobby, certainly getting on with the learning process