Hosting pano/360 photos


@OzoneVibe was asking if GADC could potentially put something in place to host / share panos directly.

I’ve not used or taken any pano/360 photos apart from those taken with v1 of Hangar360 so I’m not sure what they actually consist of under the hood.

Does the DJI app just create a HTML file with some embedded CSS and 24 photos in the same folder or something?

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360 Spherical Panoramas

Some form of javascript would be required to control the pano.

This one looks promising:

But would require the js and css files uploaded to the server.


I’ve sent my web hosting guru a question asking if he knows the ins-and-outs.


Are they unique to each picture? Or could they be hosted a static assets?

I’ll check out Panolens!


They are just single files which would need to be included in a html file.

The pano image (equirectangular pano or cube pano) would need to be referenced in the html file for the viewer to display it, however, I am sure this could be passed in a query string to the html file and fetched in the JS.

I will have a play on my server to see if I can come up with a simple solution.


Some kind of iframe plugin on discourse would work well allowing for the pano to be displayed in a post.

Here’s another js pano app that has it’s own CDN for the JS and CSS files:

I just threw this one up on my site, but my pano is large and may or may not show


Wow!!! It works for me!!!


The panos need to be stitched by whomever has taken them, ideally into an equirectangular image with a 2:1 size ratio (mine is not 2:1 even though it kind of works) or a cubmap (6 images)


The DJI Go4 app creates a 4000x2000 panorama jpg. (From the 360 mode, at least.)


Want to try with this? It’s as created by the DJI Go4 app.


Nice one

Seems to work great


Cool! :+1:
Even works ok on mobile browser. :+1::+1:


May need to change the width/height attributes or make it’s size responsive when on mobile, but so far it looks like a winner.


Looked fine in full-screen mode for me.


Yah, full-screen is fine. Even uses the Gyro if you tap the little compass icon which is cool.


So it does! Liking that!

Because of my mobile device / Android / Browser (Wileyfox Storm / Android 7.1.2 / Chrome) … your pano won’t load in mobile browser. I get a message images are limited to 4096 wide. :frowning:

In Firefox on same device, at least it downloads the file, but then says “Your Browser does not have the necessary WebGL support to display this panorama”.

Anyway - on a mobile device - 4096 is more than enough for someone to see what’s happening.


25x lines of local HTML…

Amazing :smiley:


Yah, not much to the default set-up. There are a fair few additional configs that can be tweaked, but for what we want I think it will suffice.


Yeah, I uploaded 2, 1 of which I couldn’t open on my 5k set-up, which I created from the files that Hangar 360 saves when doing it’s pano.

I think the pano’s that DJI Go 4 creates are plenty good enough. They are 2:1 ratio too which is perfect.


Tools like PTGui can output content for inclusion on your website, but they also output the viewer a web page and image (you can modify the HTML to point to other images etc). Here’s an example on my site

Not sure how you would do this dynamically though…