Hosting pano/360 photos


Found this recently as well, once I’ve got some images they will be going here

The one on there I found on the web, it’s not me in the photo


Obviously, the difficult bit for GADC site is making it a dynamic update by the poster … unless there’s a way to post new HTML pages! LOL!

I have a dormant website I could post them to … then the link on GADC.

How easy is that “Pannellum” tool to use? (Assume I know nothing about websites. Close to the truth, these days!)


That site uses Pannellum also. So, it looks like a cool tool.


It can also be used purely as a CDN without the need for hosting html or javascript.

<iframe width="600" height="400" allowfullscreen style="border-style:none;" src=""></iframe>

Or people could just post a link that would open up in a new window:


<iframe width="600" height="400" allowfullscreen="true" style="border-style:none;" src=""></iframe>

The iframe has the following attributes in the src

Required URL to load the pano script:
Required, an equirectangular image URL : panorama=SOME_URL_TO_IMAGE
Optional auto load the pano: &autoLoad=true
Optional auto rotate the pano: &autoRotate=-2 number of degrees per second to rotate // negative is anti-clockwise


Whoop it works. Just needed to whitelist the pannellum domain for iframes in the board settings.


Indeed - works on mobile with auto rotation, too. No full-screen on that one, tho?


Alas, it seems like a limitation when using their CDN version of the script.

Would work if we hosted the script ourselves, along with some other config options.


I’ve managed to create an html version on my website - what’s really strange is that it works fine on my laptop browsers, but “can’t access the image” from my mobile browsers.
This is where my age is working against my attempts to increase my knowledge/skills. #OldDogNewTricksEtc :confused:


I’m viewing on an iPhone and it’s working for me, rotating by itself too.


Yeah, working for me, but the gyro rotate doesn’t work with the one posted above. Which is a shame as this would be ideal, not having to host the html and all.

Still works a treat, just have to swipe with finger on a phone, no big deal. Unless Rich wants to host the script files, then we can get it all singing all dancing.


Strange … it is now for me on Android.
You can see the icon switched on.


I guess it is just the iphone then that is not liking it. Strange.


The fact mine works on laptop (Win10) and not Android is also weird …


Yours works on MAC Chrome and iPhone 7+ Chrome


If I enter the URL manually into my Android browsers, I get a fail.
If I click on the above link … it’s fine!

I’m too old for this! LOL!

Edit: Ahh … adding the www. bit at the beginning makes all the difference! #HeadWallBang


Without the “www.”, the page loads but not the image.


Yah, that will be due to cross origin resource sharing [CORS] not being permitted on your server. Which is a good thing until you want to do something like this lol.

When you load the non-www html page it is requesting the www image url which is not allowed unless you whitelist it in your server security.conf file


But that’s not causing a problem on the laptop in Edge/IE11/Chrome … even more strange.

Anyway … the iframe … version, and using it here on GADC …
One just includes the <iframe … <>/iframe> bit in a post here? … as a link?

#45 does not work for me in Chrome desktop browser on MAC
but does