Hosting pano/360 photos


aaaahhh … yes … something/someone/probably me must have added that on the laptop.


Test using an image uploaded to

<iframe width="600" height="400" allowfullscreen="true" style="border-style:none;" src=""></iframe>

Ah bugger, seems some sort of setting (whitelist) on Amazon S3 needs to be added to allow to be able to access it’s assets.

Working now - Thanks @PingSpike - If you are viewing this and it is not showing you may need to clear your web browser cache.


I tried to do that using the image on my server ( and got the same result.

But, if one could access an uploaded image on GADC … that would be an awesome result!


Just an uneducated thought … it only has to “read” the image file … and that’s the same message I was getting without the “www.”. Does that help you?

Should it be “…” etc?


No, it is due to the CORS setup on Amazon S3 - It is most likely set to only allow to access it’s images

www is a subdomain
cdn is a subdomain

so is different to is different to


Kind of realised that after I’d posted … whilst I was cooking dinner. :slight_smile:


All fixed and working now. Should be able to upload image on the forum and then use the iframe code snippet to display the pano


Incredibly quick work guys :rofl:

Could someone write a brief ‘how-to’ for everyone?




Will do.

Still needs a little work from the user (eg upload pano image from DJI Go 4 app, get the image URL then pop it in the iframe code snippet.

Was looking to see if I could create a plugin like a bbcode extension [pano]IMAGE URL[/pano] that would do all the work, but I’m not familiar with Discourse coding (ruby I think).

So I will write a concise how-to on it and maybe pin it in the Media category


Thanks for your hard work!

My bit was the easy bit … the “Why don’t we display panos on GADC?” bit.


Will these instructions work ? Easy to follow ?


Looks brilliant!


Test as per instructions …

(Edit: The MS Edge browser doesn’t give easy access to the image URL. Fine in Chrome. )


Can you try this method with your original, much larger, image?
Would be interesting to see if image width limits still occur on my Android phone. If so, instructions to limit to width of 4096, or a warning that larger can cause “issues”, might need to be added?

Tho - from the DJI Go4 app … I guess they won’t be any larger,
But the warning might be relevant for people creating their 2:1 image in other ways?


It will certainly break on larger images.

Good spot, will add that warning and guidance on the image being 2:1 ratio if possible.


Having fun …


Have you managed to get: allowfullscreen=“true” to work?


Unfortunately not using the CDN version.


I’m viewing these fine on my old iPad Mini 2 with Safari :+1: