Hosting pano/360 photos


I have put some instructions in the Media category now.

Will move this post there also as it is related.


Strange! Why did this one stop working?



I don’t know… you didn’t edit the post I take it?


Nope. :confused:


Very weird, cannot access the image directly either on the S3 URL.


Ah well … it was only when testing, so not a big deal.
The “why” only becomes an issue if it happens more times, I guess.


Indeed… definitely one to keep an eye on :frowning:


The plot thickens… it’s not actually there!



How strange!
I posted late that evening, and it was still there when I posted the next post the following day.


Just a thought … I wonder if the action of moving this thread to #media caused some kind of an issue?

(Not that it caused a problem for the other similar pano posts. :confused: )


I just found the file (and two others) in the S3 ‘Tombstone’ folder…

I have no idea how they got here though :frowning:



I wonder… you might well be on to something there!


Wandering what tombstone is - Just checking the Discourse Meta site now?


OK, seems that images that aren’t referenced in any posts are moved to tombstone after 2 days. After 30 days they will be deleted.

I am guessing that because the images aren’t displayed in the posts in actual <img> tags, they are not being logged in the database as being live in the actual post as such.

Will hunt for a remedy. May need Garbage collection tweaking.


Nice forensic work!
Yeah … we could see some others vanishing.
Those still working in this thread are probably posted as images here/somewhere as well.

Indeed … one has gone missing in RMS Mulheim Wreck


Yah, I found some values in admin - files section that would stop this from happening, but changing them would also stop garbage collection

clean orphan uploads grace period hours (currently set to 48)

purge deleted uploads grace period days (currently set to 30)

Discussing best way to handle this with staff.


Haha! It made me chuckle that the Pano in the "How to … " thread has gone awol. :wink:


Yeah, a bummer for sure.

Will be sorted this evening :slight_smile:


Ooooo! Are we back in business … or was that just you re-establishing the ones that had timed out?


I have added a fix (a little extra code) to the pano images already posted.

The next 48 hours will be critical (I sound like a surgeon lol).

I have updated the instructions on the How To page with the fixed code.

Fingers crossed