Hosting pano/360 photos


OK, we have decided to use for hosting the pano images.

Updated instructions on how to add a pano can be found pinned to the top of the Media category


That’s a shame.

Thanks for all your efforts!


I’m getting so many image upload fails on Imgur.
Checked limits - 20MB per image, and the one I’m trying to upload is only 13MB.
Any thoughts as to why this might be happening?


What size in pixels roughly are your panos as 4000x2000 should only come in around the ~4-6mb mark


Ah - yeah - though there’s no quoted dimension limit on Imgur.

I was also uploading to try the html version (which allows full screen.) on my site using an image on Imgur … and I wanted large. I should try one things at a time. LOL!

Thanks - will try smaller wxh,