Hot batteries in foam padding case?

I normally use dji provided handbag or a padded loosely fitted rucksack all my years carrying drones.

I bought a really tight cutout padded case to carry the Air 2s and packed all in last night and today got a spare hour to fly and on removing the batteries from the padding thought was very warm compared to the one fitted to the drone,

Nothing else in the case was warm just the batteries, it might be normal to others but I have never as i like air getting around my bits :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have a mini 3 case coming at the weekend and I’m tempted to shelve it and just keep using DJI handbags.

I understand cold batteries can reduce flying time so what will permanently warm batteries do?

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Sounds like they were automatically discharging, Mark?

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Thanks rich that makes sense :blush:

I feel wee bit silly as I’ve never experienced it before as i said loosely packed and weather here is blinky cold and wet most of the time :cloud_with_snow::cloud_with_snow::cloud_with_snow::cloud_with_snow:

Thanks again rich hope you had a wee chuckle at my expense :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: