Hovis Advert


We have an old cobbled hill nearby,im going to get a shot of my 5 yr old son in a flat cap and clogs carrying a loaf of Hovis up it in black and white,can anyone think of a suitable soundtrack to go with it?:slight_smile:


There was music in the original advert, I thought … so, whatever that was would probably be best.

Dvorak’s ‘New World’ symphony - rearranged for brass


I’ve got the melody in my head . But I ain’t humming it for you .


Like this ?


Greig - Peer Gynt Suite No 1 Morning (Hovis Advert)
Its on “Classical Chllout Gold” Album (CD 2)

P.S. Got the MP3 if you want it?


Ummm …. nope.

As above … Dvorak’s ‘New World’ symphony - rearranged for brass


yer right, Classical Chillout wrong !!!.
I was just searching my music for “Hovis”, that’s what came up !

Must have been used for another of their adverts !


Searching Google/YouTube for Peer Gynt Hovis doesn’t find a match.

Edit: Well - Google finds matches - but no advert evidence. An original error that’s got into other places, I guess.


I wonder how many people bought that Album, just for that tune !!!


Gold Hill, Shaftsbury, Dorset
Fancy flying a drone up it?


reminds me of the Hamlet Cigars adverts from the 70s, some of them were a bit risky !.
Especially the Condom one !