How do configure your buttons?

As we all know the Mavic Pro Remote Controller has three buttons that can be customised with a range of fucntions.

The C1 & C2 buttons have the following options::
• Turn on/off Front LEDs
• Center-Weighted Metering
• AE Lock/Unlock
• Advanced Camera Settings
• Camera Forward/Down
• Gimbal Follow/FPV Mode
• Toggle Map/Live View
• Battery Info
• Navigation
• Playback
• Center Auto Focus
• Right Dial ISO/Shutter Control
• Not Defined

The 5D Button has these options:
• Camera Forward/Down
• Zoom In
• Zoom Out
• Portrait Mode
• Focusing/Metering
• AE Lock

So how have you configured yours? Is there an ideal set of options or do you use different combinations for different functions? Share your secrets here.

Mine are all still set to the defaults, with C1 (focus) getting used multiple times per flight :+1:

I use C2 for toggling map view when I haven’t a clue where my bird in the sky has disappeared to :roll_eyes:

C1 Camera Forward/Down
C2 Toggle Map/Live View

5D (Don’t use much)
Up - Zoom In
Down - Zoom Out
Left - Portrait Mode
Right - Portrait Mode

In Litchi you can also depress the 5D joystick which I use for Set Waypoint when manually flying a route

thats a great idea, adding a map view key, i hadnt spotted that in the options, honestly this Mavic has so many options its difficult to know where to start or what the best setup is

TBH I forget half the time what I have set to what.

Need to do things 20 times before they sink in these days.

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