How do I add music to my videos in iMovie or FCP?

Looking to add some peaceful music to some of my otherwise to date silent videos :slight_smile:

Is there some royalty free music I can download from somewhere and add/import to iMovie?

Lots of royalty free sites like Soundcloud, you can check out licensing on you tube of any song, you will be surprised at how much music you can use on your own video. Have a look at this video…

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This guy’s music is ok to use for free as long as you credit him in your video credits somewhere


  1. Find and download a track you like that suits the mood of your video or the mood you want to achieve in the final video
  2. Import it in to FCPX as you would import your video footage
  3. Drop the music on to the timeline
  4. Add markers at important beats or music swings/tempo changes etc (this is what I do)
  5. Add clips from your footage, matching those markers so that it is all timed nicely.

Thanks for the workflow @RaRaRasputin - I’ll try this on my next flight :smiley:

And thanks for the HowTo video @StevenPSCC :+1:

Did anyone else spot the Mavic Pro on his desk? :smiley:

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This has all the DJI music



Oh sweet! Thanks for sharing :smiley:

Nice One, Thanks