How do I change the User name on the DJI Fly app?

So I’ve been trying to edit and change my username on the fly app but it just keeps keeps reverting to this👆🏼 any ideas guys?

If you click the name you should be able to edit it

from memory it’s not instant

Yeah tried that and all the scenarios that normally work​:man_shrugging:t2: on other sites, I have even considered deleting my account and starting again to see if it makes a difference. Bit daft really because it really doesn’t have any impact on the flying but stuff like that really gets on my nerves​:flushed: OCD anyone​:rofl::rofl:

Can you change the Name?

if so have you logged out and back in, like I said its not instant, DJI’s servers are slow :grinning:

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So I just clicked edit, deleted the strange auto generated one and put my preferred one in and clicked done. Only for the strange one to re-appear​:rofl::rofl:

@Diem197 - Hi David - apparently there is an ongoing problem with the DJI server. They updated the server some time ago and in typical DJI fashion the update created this problem. Its been ongoing since late 2022 so don’t hold your breathe for a fix - maybe a good idea to contact DJI Support - who knows they may even take some action :man_shrugging: :+1:


Ah ok John​:+1:t3: thanks for the heads up. I’m getting the impression that patience is a virtue with DJI :rofl::man_shrugging:t2: