How do people make these 'planet' pics?

I saw this on the DJI site, how to people make them?

Is it just a single photo pointing straight down, that’s warped out of shape? Or is it something like Hangar that does the magickery?

It’s a 360 pano that is turned into what is called a ‘Tiny Planet’

You can use Photoshop to distort it using polar coordinates.

Here’s one I did using photos from a Hangar 360 shot using Auto Pano Giga (it has a Tiny Planet preset)

and one from todays Hangar 360 at Blithfield Reservoir

They look great!

I don’t have photoshop, are there any apps (iOS) that can do the same thing? Or something I can run on my computer and drop the 23x pics from Hangar in to it?

It can be done with Hugin on the PC / Mac

Not sure on the iDevices. I mean there are apps to turn panoramas in to tiny planets for sure, but not sure about creating the pano initially, although I would think there is an app for that also, maybe even one that does it all.