How far and back can you fly with a Mavic 2 Pro?

This isn’t a challenge, by the way.

On a single battery, how far away could you fly and return back home on a full battery charge?

I’ve seen one do 8 miles round trip on one battery (easily)

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Not bad! I’ve just been watching a video on the Air 2S and talking about how Occusync 3 will let you fly up to 12km away, obviously well beyond VLOS, but was wondering if the Air 2S (or Mavic 2 Pro) could actually get home after that distance.

There are other factors apart of your drone capabilities.

If you talk about flying on ideal conditions, with batteries that hold all the charge and so on, most likely able to achieve quite a distance. Still, if the weather factors are not on your side, that’s another beast.

As on one of my posts from a while back (New underwear required) sometimes, you can go very far easily, but returning against the wind will deplete your battery much faster.