How long do Notams last for a BBMF fly past?

Going to Whitby on the 12th August. Just noticed on the Whitby Regatta website that there’s a BBMF flypast of the Lancaster, so no doubt a Notam will be in place. I’m sure I’ve seen Notams on Altitude Angel for BBMF flights before, but can’t remember how long these are in place for . Is it only for an hour or so , or all day ? ( yes I will check on the day)

There is no standard time - but any NOTAM will have a start and end date/time.

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Yep, the notam for this is up now. B’stards have got it from 11 am on the Saturday right through to 17:30 on the Sunday. I know the Lancaster is doing a flypast on the Saturday and the Red Arrows are putting in an appearance on the Sunday, but over 30 hrs worth of no flying :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: Ahh well, looks like taking my dslr instead :wink::wink:

The larger, Red Arrows (no relative :wink: ) , NOTAM is for a Flight Restriction, but it is only for 35 mins in Sunday - 16:05 to 16:40

The smaller NOTAM for the Air Display, generally, is only a Temporary Navigation Warning between 11:00 Sat and 17:30 Sunday.

Yes, can’t really see a reason for the air display NOTAM lasting overnight though ( unless they’ve got one of these mass drone displays in the evening ? ( nothing on the Whitby Regatta website though ) :wink::wink:

Admin - just one NOTAM is easier to submit than two.

It’s only a warning, though, not a “Flight Restriction”.

Hmmmm not sure about that Ozone. So with care , do you think I could fly there ? Don’t want to fall foul of the law and feature on a Geeksvana special report about a drone operator fined,imprisoned and hung drawn and quartered for flying when he shouldn’t . :wink::wink:

The clue is in the name, it’s a “Notice” :slight_smile:

The main display action will be on the beach and more out to sea, and it’s a simple circular NOTAM. So even during display hours, there shouldn’t be too much happening inland … possibility of planes holding before their display, but on coastal displays they usually do that further up/down the coast.

So, outside the obvious times when the display is active I’d still fly with suitable caution and consideration (as with any flight anywhere) … because there’s nothing to say I can’t.

Yes and I know NOTAMS are supposed to apply to aircraft with pilots in them. So strictly speaking I should be ok to fly with caution ? Really don’t want some rookie / experienced cop arresting me because he/ she doesn’t know the rules. Might be best to take DJ Audits along to test the waters first. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Consider it a public spirited duty to educate them?

Yeah right. :joy::joy::joy::joy: