How long have you been flying drones?

  • Less than a year
  • 1-2 years
  • 2-5 years
  • 5-10 years
  • Since the Wright brothers

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Prompted by a response to my first post on here, I’m curious to see how long everyone’s been flying (not continuously I hope!) :slight_smile:

With a 80000mah battery in the parrot disco sometimes it feels like ive been flying 5 years continuously :joy:

This thing (on BBC’s Equator from the Air) must have a payload capacity that could keep it flying … for ever!

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Started when I was 14, with my first control line Aircraft a “ Flying Wing” with a glow plug engine.
Got to feckin’ dizzy flying it though !.


I was 13 when I built a .22 gauge litho plate control line plane powered by an ENYA .35, it flew really fast on 25 yard wire. I got so dizzy that I felt sick.

Got link to the 80000mah battery? How heavy is that battery?

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From hobbyking but I notice they no longer sell it… have a search on YouTube for parrot disco battery upgrade… sure ive seen someone fit a 12000mah. Weight isn’t really an issue with it to be honest, still flys true.