How longs everyone been flying?


I’m very new to the joys of R/C flying, and the imagery aspect is definitely taking over standard stills.

And this may well have been asked but how long have people here been flying, drones / other forms or aircraft?

Just wondering as may well be picking peoples brains


Only just over a year for me. On and off as mine were built from scratch, so took some time to get up and running. Love the fpv side of it.


Phantom 2 since Nov '13, MP since Nov 16.

(And various bigger planes on and off between 1968 and '94. :wink: )


Like yourself, just over a year and it was the differing angles and getting to spots that normal photos can’t that got me involved.


Started off with a phantom 2 about 5 years ago and been hooked ever since… still flying the phantom 2 still when I want to practice manual

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Ditto! Must get some new batteries …. only managing about 5 mins max on my old ones.

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Think I’m around 15 years between helicopters and then quadcopters.

Time flies when your having fun.


5 years and still learning lol

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Been flying drones for about 6 years, still love my Phantoms.
I was flying RC Planes to many years ago to remember!, probably about 20 years +.
Still get a great thrill even now.


Same here Chris . Was into the RC stuff for over 50 years . Ended up on the slope stuff then onto the quads .
Still miss standing on the slope freezing my nuts off and the wind howling … Happy days .

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Should have said 30 years … Not 50 .


Ideal, I have a bit of catching up to do. Got the M2P in November.

If anyone needs any advice on sailing let me know.


Only about 12 months still learning and enjoying it all. Specially with the fantastic support on this forum😁


I have been in some form of r/c hobby from boats, cars and planes but at my age I really enjoy UAV’s I started at 30 ,and I am 67 now, hoping to carry on for a lot more years.



Have flown light aircraft to commercial. Small r/c model aeroplanes and helicopters, inc later days very large model aircraft and jets, active member of world jet masters and new to drones, first drone bought 4 weeks ago a mavic 2 pro and this week bought a phantom 4 pro. Theres a big mixed bag of guys on here with a wealth of knowledge so you came to the right place. Have lots of fun here and ask if you need help. Good luck

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@callum - always wanted to fly a helicopter and at the moment it remains a dream though one curtailed by lack of funds to do so…

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Just over a year so still learning but also still loving

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I am hoping soon to be able to fly with my Nephew , he is an airline pilot, but also a PfCo drone pilot.
He is now being relocated to our local Airport here in Norwich, sooooo, his Uncle (me) is awaiting a flight in the hot seat of his SAAB 340, here hoping !.


First air in January with a Bugs 5w. Got hooked. Mavic Air from April. First attempt at cinematic video May. Total investment sub £1000. I am not an expert in either flight or video . Sharp learning curve. No particular talent. Probably 100 hours of research, software, and 40 flights.

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RC helicopters BTW.

Wouldn’t trust myself in a real one lol.

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